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At the time of its release, the W1 was Japan’s largest-displacement motorcycle, and boasted top-level horsepower. Designed to be the fastest, most powerful machines of their day, Kawasaki’s W Series models are now better known for a beauty that never goes out of style, and the rich character of an air-cooled engine.
To this day, Japan’s original big bikes continue to command a deep respect.
To ride a W is to feel the pride of being connected to such illustrious roots.

The new W800 Cafe is the latest evolution of a brand that spans 50 years. With numerous parts updated compared to previous W800, the W800 Cafe retro model has been thoroughly modernised to deliver rider-friendly machines with easy handling and good stability on the highway. But not all of the changes are visible – Kawasaki’s dedication to preserving the image of the original model can be seen in the air-cooled Vertical Twin engine that meets strict modern emissions standards, the double-cradle frame with completely revised rigidity care of thicker pipe walls, and the carefully crafted exhaust sound of a Vertical Twin with a 360 degree crankshaft. For a taste of history, look no further than the W800 Cafe.

The W800 Cafe’s sporty, clubman-style handlebar and cafe seat put the rider in racier frame of mind, while its cafe-racer-image front cowl completes the classic, sporty styling of this machine.

Limited numbers of the W800 Cafe have been ordered due to arrive later in 2019. Both models are available as indent orders.

We have released a W800 sub-website which you can visit here http://w800.kawasaki.co.nz/

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