Race Set-up

MotoXtreme are race-ready motorbike fanatics. We can get your motorcycle all set-up for you, with the correct suspension and geometry so that it’s neat and ready to roll.

Get your motorcycle suspension checked before racing

With the incorrect suspension set up, tyre wear is increased, and your handling suffers, resulting in rider fatigue. Lap times can be dramatically slower and overall safety for both street and race enthusiasts can be compromised. Add to that the frustration factor and it makes sense to properly set-up your suspension.

What’s involved in getting your motorbike race ready

Before we even get started on making changes to your bike, we do some key checks. At MotoXtreme, we inspect the shocks, fork, tyre tread and pressure, steering-head bearings, chain tension and your overall bike to ensure it’s in optimal working order.

To get your bike set-up for any racing we check the preload and adjust the shock setting if necessary, we check the compression dampening to see if it’s too soft or too stiff, check the rebound dampening of the suspension, along with double checking the steering balance and ride height. Setting the height of your bikes frame and subframe are crucial to the overall performance of your bike in any race.

With any race set-up, we suggest you bring all the gear you’ll be wearing on the day to put on when we take any measurements. The added weight of your helmet, jacket, boots and pants can make a real difference.

MotoXtreme can set-up your bike to suit any type of riding and advise you if any major changes needing to be made to get your ride race-ready.

Just call us today on 03 456 3633 to make a time to bring your bike in or drop in and see us at 10 Waverley Street, South Dunedin.

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