VULCAN S CAFE - $12,195*

The Vulcan S Café reflects the huge upsurge of interest in personalised bike building. With its distinctive colour and graphic treatment combined with café styling the Vulcan S Café has instant appeal and will attract a wide range of rider looking for stand out looks and an easy to ride, fun package. The parallel twin engine, unique frame and suspension layout are focused on enjoying the ride while making a stand out style statement.
Unlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan S Café is geared to fit a wide range of riders. Never taking away from its stylish features, this bike takes comfort, adjustability, and Ninja derived power and performance to the next level. This LAMS approved bike model is equipped with ABS making it the perfect learner bike.

VULCAN S ABS - $11,495

The Vulcan S ABS is not your average cruiser. It stands apart, with its Parallel Twin engine, unique frame and suspension layout, and it’s very non-traditional looks. Designed for independent minded riders, it does not require the rider to conform to any heard-mentality fashion or lifestyle. Special attention paid to ensuring high levels of fit and comfort, and confidence in riding the new Vulcan an attractive option for a new rider or female riders looking for a stylish, accommodating motorcycle. Accessible in all senses of the work, with the Vulcan S ABS riders can come as they are, and just get on and go.

VULCAN 900 CUSTOM - $15,995

The Vulcan 900 Custom is a factory built custom bike that really stands out from the crowd – it is the result of Kawasaki’s pursuit of the essence of a true custom motorcycle. A study in contrasts, its low-set rear, massive rear tyre and solid disc wheel are juxtaposed against a clean and lightweight front end.

This dichotomy adds to the dynamism of the svelte bodywork whose seductive curves trace voluptuous lines that machines alone are incapable of forming.



The Vulcan S LAMS is not your average cruiser. It stands apart with the heart of a sportsbike and the comfort of a classic cruiser.  With capable torque, high rpm and generous lean angles, every ride on the Vulcan S motorcycle has the potential for excitement.  The added benefit of adjustable Kawasaki components make the Vulcan S the ultimate in versatility for riders of varying sizes and abilities. This LAMS approved model is the perfect learner bike.


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