Associate Professor Pat Wheatley

I’ve been riding motorcycles for 49 years and over that time I’ve owned a lot of Triumphs. At the moment, I’ve got an Indian, three Triumphs and a Moto Guzzi. I’ve known Kevin for about 15 years, and he’s worked on a lot of my motorbikes. I can trust him with my bikes and, let’s be honest, I like to give business to people I like, and Kevin is just a very nice bloke.

The staff at MotoXtreme are always good. They’re very good mechanics. John and Richard are great and their parts guy Mark is awesome. They’re decent mechanics you can trust. Kevin, in particular, is the real deal. He’s a good racer, a very good mechanic and incredibly knowledgeable. He can fix subtle things and if it’s something weird, he can ferret it out. If I don’t take his advice, I’m usually the worse off for it. Bikers are pretty particular about who they let touch their bikes and can smell bullshit from a mile away. His words carry weight.

The thing about Kevin is his authenticity. Kevin is an understated guy and his shop is really welcoming. He has people from all walks of life go through the shop, it’s pretty crazy. I’d certainly buy a bike off Kevin, and he’s always able to source parts, even oddball stuff, he’ll source it or tell you how to find it. He has a good network, because people like him and trust him. Probably because he’s just a flat-out good guy.

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