Already unique in its ability to provide both the exhilaration of supercharged acceleration along with the comfort and equipment for long-distance riding, the second-generation Ninja H2 SX benefits from a host of new technology that makes it the most advanced model in Kawasaki’s fleet. Our newest flagship model further distinguishes itself with next-level comfort and convenience features that allow riders to focus on enjoying the ride.

The new Ninja H2 SX features a number of technological firsts. Its completely revised core system includes an FI-ECU with torque-demand capabilities, a new IMU that measures in all six DOF; and a compact, boost-circuit-equipped ABS with high computational power – all firsts for Kawasaki. Working in concert, they enable coordinated control of both engine output and brake force.

The new Ninja H2 SX is also the first Japanese mass-production motorcycle and the world’s first sport tourer to be equipped with Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS). Complemented by the new core system, ARAS uses millimetre-wave radar sensors mounted fore and aft to sense other vehicles in proximity to the Ninja H2 SX and provide three new features: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). The peace of mind offered by these systems contribute to next-level comfort and enhanced rider confidence. Additional first-time

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