VERSYS-X 300    $8,995*

The Versys-X 300 is an adventure styled touring model that builds on the any-road any-time performance of Kawasaki’s Versys models by adding increased capability on unpaved roads. At 300cc the Versys-X 300 is the smallest displacement model in the touring category, and the only mode of its kind.

Like you would expect from a bike designed to be the ideal travel partner, it offers the best comfort and convenience of any 300cc model. More manageable in both weight and power, and more readily available than many larger displacement models, the Versys-X 300 offers easy access to motorcycle adventure. A wide range of accessories are available: all the equipment necessary for comfortable long-distance riding.

Difficult to explain and impossible to categorise the Versys 650 simply exceeds the sum of its parts. Its combination of long-travel suspension, sporty 17” wheels, a slim upright riding position and a compact Parallel-Twin engine results in a highly versatile package, offering riders maximum riding excitement. One ride is all it takes to confirm that the Versys 650 does indeed deliver on its any-street promise. The LAMS version is ideal for new riders wanting a full size adventure bike.


Following up on the any-street promise of its predecessor, the new Versys 1000 continues to offer maximum riding enjoyment across a wide variety of street riding situations. Whether riding solo or two-up, around the corner or around the globe, the fun to ride road sports bike’s unique combination of a highly responsive In-Line Four engine tuned for flexibility, and a nimble chassis fitted with dynamic suspension will have rider grinning in their helmets. Add in the upright riding position and you have a package that really comes into its own on twisty mountain roads.


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